Kevin McManus

Kevin McManus is a performance improvement coach for Great Systems! and an international trainer for the TapRooT® root cause analysis process. During his 28 years in the business world, he has served as an Industrial Engineer, Training Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager and Director of Quality. He holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering and a MBA. McManus has been a member of IIE for more than 28 years and has served as Senior VP of Continuing Education on the IIE Board of Trustees. He has served as an Examiner and Senior Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for 10 years. McManus also writes the monthly performance improvement column for Industrial Engineer magazine, and he has published a book entitled You Can’t Win Indy in an Edsel–How to Develop a High Performance Work Culture.

He can be reached through the Great Systems! Web site www.greatsystems.com or by e-mail at Kevin@greatsystems.com.

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Ineffective Six Sigma TrainingIf I had to pick one systemic flaw that results in Six Sigma training being ineffective—no wait, let’s make that essentially any training for that matter—it's the fact that most training contains too little time for practice. Think about it—what percentage of your training course time is...Full Article »
I am astounded by what organizations expect from their "trained" Six Sigma project leaders. After just a few days of process improvement project leadership training, and possibly the implementation of a Six Sigma project or two, these "certified" individuals are expected to take the organization’s Six Sigma process forward–to lead it...Full Article »