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Jeff Cole is owner and principal of JCG, Ltd., a firm specializing in improvement strategies. A former quality executive in a Fortune 500 firm, Cole has over 30 years of experience in improvement techniques and human change. He holds an MBA and industry certifications in Six Sigma, Quality Management and Change Management. Cole also served two terms on the board of examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has helped clients across a variety of industries. JCG, Ltd. can be found on the Internet at  www.LSSCert.com and  www.jcolegroup.com.

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So I’m walking down a dark alley recently in Roanoke, VA when a guy stepped out of the shadows, flashed a knife and demanded my wallet and my top three tips for managing change. Cleverly, I led with explaining the tips. He was so engrossed in writing them down that he failed to notice my hasty retreat. That’s not true (it was actually a different...Full Article »
Process change tools are kind of the same way. Our electronic toolboxes are full of templates, checklists, outlines, slides, surveys, and much else. However, there are a couple tools you keep going back to. What are your favorites? We could get cute with something like the two most important tools are your ears or eyes or your mind and heart...Full Article »
If you want to understand the power of emotions driving action, look no further than the stock market. Some authors say that three emotions drive short-term market movements - Greed, Fear, and Uncertainty....Full Article »
(source: Wikipedia)Being a child in the 1960s was great – what I could see of it anyway what with all the second hand smoke and exhaust fumes clouding the air. It was a great upbringing although in retrospect it’s amazing my little friends and I survived. Don’t believe me?  Just Google some of my favorite toys like the Creepy Crawlers...Full Article »
One of the greatest drivers of immediate change in humans is fear.  Sure, we have evolved since the caveman, but that ancient core part of our brain is still embedded in us – we are still genetically wired to respond to fear. Our brains drive measureable chemical and physical changes in us when our fear reaches certain trigger thresholds. You...Full Article »
What does root beer have to do with driving successful process change?    A lot as it turns out!When I was a kid, it was always a treat to go to the local A&W Root Beer drive-in for a frosty mug along with a hot dog. A&W started in the US and Canada in the early 1900’s and was named after founding partners Roy Allen and...Full Article »
You and your team have slaved through a grueling several months designing a process improvement. It’s now Monday morning, time to start a rollout. How the heck are you going to get everyone to begin following the new process rules?    Granted, it’s a little late in the timeline to just now be thinking about that, but don’t worry,...Full Article »
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a really poorly architected change? Fun times indeed! There are many reasons for these failures. Of special interest in this column are those changes that get launched before everything is in place to support their successful execution. Those are changes where the Change Launch Platform has not been...Full Article »
Did you ever notice that there are many attributes to this thing called “change”.   The size of the change, the amounts of different change coming our way, how clearly we can see it coming, whether it is positive or negative, its degree of impact, and so on.   One interesting facet to change is the speed with which we make...Full Article »
Step back in time with me to a simpler and slower time – 1970.    It had been less than one year since man first set foot on the moon, gas was .54/gallon and the DOW reached a whopping high of 908.    We were many years away from the internet, cell phones, tablets, DVRs, flat-panel televisions, and still one year away...Full Article »
84 results
of 8