Jeff Cole

Jeff Cole is owner and principal of JCG, Ltd., a firm specializing in improvement strategies. A former quality executive in a Fortune 500 firm, Cole has over 30 years of experience in improvement techniques and human change. He holds an MBA and industry certifications in Six Sigma, Quality Management and Change Management. Cole also served two terms on the board of examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has helped clients across a variety of industries. JCG, Ltd. can be found on the Internet at  www.LSSCert.com and  www.jcolegroup.com.

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One day I returned from a business trip to learn that we would be adopting a new rescue dog. Evidently our current dog was lonely and somehow convinced my wife that he wanted a brother....Full Article »
If you presented your approach to rolling out your current process change to a Hostile Board of Peers – would it pass the test?...Full Article »
Ever launched a process change only to watch in shock as it sinks faster than a sack full of anvils? Or worse – been the “victim” (aka end user) of a poorly designed change that has you escalating up a scale ranging from confused to hopping mad? Often, it’s simple things not anticipated prior to going live that cause some change failures. ...Full Article »
Ever been stuck in the situation where you’re lacking that one specific tool you need?    I have too many stories of trying to McGyver my way out of a repair by using butter knives as screwdrivers or trying to overcome the lack of a metric wrench.   Why, I once broke out of a Turkish prison using only some shoelaces and a match...Full Article »
I’ve written this in the past but it bears repeating -- Magicians annoy me. Seriously. Because I will be up until 4 a.m. trying to reverse-engineer the impossible nonsense they did right before my eyes. And when I finally do figure out what they did, the gimmick or technique is often so obvious in retrospect that I am annoyed yet again....Full Article »
Let’s say you work in a small medical practice, just attended a Lean workshop and are excited about it. You can see where your organization could benefit from this and would like to get others at your office excited too. How might you go about this?...Full Article »
This month, we reach into the process improvement utility belt to help you avoid three common traps in building your continual improvement (CI) culture....Full Article »
“My division is unique,” said the Vice President. “No you’re not,” said the quality manager. “We are different” “Sadly, you’re not!” After several rounds of such talk, the quality manager found himself in a new employment opportunity asking different questions such as “Would you like fries with that?” So who is right – the VP or the manager?...Full Article »
So I’m walking down a dark alley recently in Roanoke, VA when a guy stepped out of the shadows, flashed a knife and demanded my wallet and my top three tips for managing change. Cleverly, I led with explaining the tips. He was so engrossed in writing them down that he failed to notice my hasty retreat. That’s not true (it was actually a different...Full Article »
Process change tools are kind of the same way. Our electronic toolboxes are full of templates, checklists, outlines, slides, surveys, and much else. However, there are a couple tools you keep going back to. What are your favorites? We could get cute with something like the two most important tools are your ears or eyes or your mind and heart...Full Article »
92 results
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