Chris Reed

Christopher Reed is a member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Lean & Environment Initiative. The goal of the Initiative is to bring environmental factors to the forefront when planning lean activities and view environmental wastes the same as the traditional lean “deadly wastes.” Recent publications from the group include "The Lean & Environment Toolkit" and "The Lean & Energy Toolkit." There are also a multitude of case studies that can be found on the group’s Web site. For more information on the Initiative and to download free copies of the toolkits, please visit http://www.epa.gov/lean/pubs.htm.

In traditional Lean thinking, what is waste? Running across the factory floor to get a tool? Yes. Waiting for someone down the line to finish up their part of the assembly? Definitely. Leaving the lights on in the warehouse? A definite yes! Environmental wastes—including wasted energy—can cost companies thousands of dollars a year...Full Article »