Tina Huesing

As the Corporate Master Black Belt for Motorola, Tina Huesing leads business improvement efforts for Motorola's businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). She works with the general managers and their staff to identify improvement opportunities, select Green Belt and Black Belt candidates, organize training and implement governance structures for regular project reviews. Huesing is also a Director for Motorola University's Consulting Services. She provides consulting in Six Sigma to Motorola's customers and guides companies in the implementation of a Six Sigma program. She leads all external Six Sigma efforts in EMEA. Huesing has been with Motorola for 12 years and has worked in Asia, the United States and Europe. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird, School of Global Management.

In the 1980s, Motorola made waves in the business world with the development of its process improvement strategy Six Sigma. Today Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are widely-upheld methodologies and tools used to reduce variation in a business process by using a statistical process control to measure variance and standard deviation. Tina Huesing,...Full Article »