Navdeep Sodhi

Navdeep S. Sodhi is the managing director of Six Sigma Pricing, a pricing consultancy based in Minneapolis and London. He is a thought leader with 12 years of global pricing experience spanning the airline, medical device and manufacturing industries. Sodhi co-authored Six Sigma Pricing: Improving Pricing Operations to Increase Profit (FT Press, 2008). Read his blog at http://www.isixsigmapricing.com/blog.

A few years ago, in much better economic times, a multi-billion dollar firm found it was losing $60 million of pure profit by failing to enforce pricing terms in customer contracts. You would think that in an economic crisis, companies would do anything to protect earnings, but in reality it is quite the opposite. Even now, when financial health...Full Article »
While Six Sigma methods have been used by manufacturing firms to implement quality initiatives in many areas, they have not generally been applied to pricing processes. Drawing on one company’s experience, author Navdeep S. Sodhi shows how this Six Sigma method can be accomplished. Improving Pricing Quality with Six Sigma Methods...Full Article »