Jim Boots

Jim Boots is an "expert practitioner" in process management, having developed and implemented Chevron's Business Process Management foundation. He is also author of a new book, “BPM Boots on the Ground: How to Implement Strategic Business Process Management”, which details lessons learned from 30 years at Chevron.

Many organizations have derived less value than they could from their BPM endeavors because they fail to understand all of the key elements of effective BPM, writes contributor Jim Boots. Here are 5 things that are critical to success – how does your organization fare?...Full Article »
Jim Boots still remembers the days at Chevron where processes were stored inside the heads of people and time was wasted creating and conveying information. But since his early days with the company over 30 years ago, new technology and approaches to management have transformed the "process landscape". Here's how....Full Article »