Nigel Clements

Nigel ‘s early working life was in the UK rail industry as an Operations Manager. He was still with the railway when he first came across Dr Deming at the inaugural conference of the British Deming Association in 1988. He attended Dr Deming’s four-day seminar in London in 1989: at the time it seemed like a revolution to Nigel and he says “to be frank, it still does!”

Following an MBA in the early nineties, Nigel began a consulting career with PRISM Consultancy in the UK.  He has worked with clients in many industries, including banks, the chemical industry, telecommunications, freight logistics, information technology, aerospace, construction, engineering, local authorities, housing associations, police forces, and government agencies.

He teaches and consults in the practical use of the principles and methodology of Systems Thinking and continuous improvement in ways that teams at all levels can apply immediately to their situation. 

He is a member of the Advisory Board for the UK Deming Forum, and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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