Seth Marrs
The L'Orangerie museum in Paris houses a cycle of 8 giant Monet paintings called "Les Nympheas". Each painting is 6.5 feet tall and, when put all together, are 298.5 feet long. Imagine the stops, starts and conflicting ideas Monet went through when deciding where to put that 1st stroke on the canvas. To complete this masterpiece he...Full Article »
The boundaries between tectonic plates are the most volatile places on earth. The friction between them has taken millions of lives and wreaked incalculable levels of damage. Yet, ironically, without this friction the earth wouldn't have evolved into the habitable planet it is today. Sales and operations function at the...Full Article »
The Bermuda Triangle is a part of the Atlantic Ocean that stretches from Bermuda in the north to the southern tip of Florida and Puerto Rico in the south. Aircraft and ships are alleged to mysteriously disappear within this triangle – victims of some unidentified force (or so the legend goes). Every corporate IT project...Full Article »
Gather your team in a circle and whisper a sentence to the person to the left of you and then ask him or her to pass it on. You'll be shocked at the sentence you get when it comes full circle. The more people in the circle the more distorted your message. Process works the same way....Full Article »
As technology and process become more intertwined process is more important than ever. But are you taking advantage of technology as much as you should?...Full Article »
Enterprise technology is no longer the limitation it once was in process improvement work, says GE Healthcare's Seth Marrs. That's why you need to make sure that you're not trying to make improvements to the horse and cart....Full Article »