Theo Priestley

Theo Priestley is Chief Evangelist at Software AG, globally responsible for enabling the brand and technology awareness strategy of the industry’s leading enterprise suite of solutions. Theo is regarded as one of the top thought leaders in Business Process Management (Top 50, 2012) and Big Data (Top 200, 2014) having spent several years as a trusted industry figure in analyzing the top enterprise technology trends.

August's member of the month, Software AG's Theo Priestley, tells us why he'd marry BPM (but only snog Lean), how he would have liked to be a Greek Philosopher, and the best piece of advice he's ever received....Full Article »
Social business is about connection, trust, transparency, and engagement. That means it's time to design processes to reflect just how interconnected all the touch-points are - not just from a customer viewpoint - says Theo Priestley....Full Article »