Janne Ohtonen

Janne Ohtonen has delivered tens of challenging change programs, with double-digit performance enhancement in many of them. He holds three university degrees and is about to finish a Ph.D. in business process management. Janne has contributed to a number of scientific research papers including developing organization’s business process management capabilities and enterprise architecture. His approaches are acknowledged as thought leadership and used in a number of organizations today.

Janne believes that the most dramatic changes to organizations effectivity and performance comes through an alignment of customer experience to business processes, enterprise architecture and innovation. That requires both leadership and commitment on which he is willing to share insights with you.

Get yourself Janne Ohtonen’s latest book called “You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner with Customer-centric Process Leadership” for FREE at http://addvalueto.me/download-a-free-process-leadership-book/

The book gives you ideas on the topic of business process management and leadership for every week of the year. It is a unique combination of thought leadership and reflective questions that will stimulate you to improve your business and skills.

To learn more about Janne's work in Customer Centric Business Excellence please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/janneohtonen. You can also join Janne's wide Twitter network @Ohtonen.

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