Keith Swenson

Keith Swenson is Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu America Inc. and is the Chief Software Architect for the Interstage family of products. He is known for having been a pioneer in collaboration software and web services, and has helped the development of many workflow and BPM standards. He is currently the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Workflow Management Coalition. In the past, he led development of collaboration software MS2, Netscape, Ashton Tate and Fujitsu. In 2004 he was awarded the Marvin L. Manheim Award for outstanding contributions in the field of workflow. His blog is at http://kswenson.wordpress.com/.

Businesses are quite good at improving the efficiency of production lines where the processes are a little easier to see. But what about when it comes to improving work where the inputs and outputs are invisible? Transcript of interview with Keith Swenson, VP of R&D at Fujitsu....Full Article »