Steve Towers

Steve Towers is CEO and Founder of of www.bpgroup.org , a network for Business Process Management & Performance professionals. He is one of industry's noted experts in Advanced Business Process Management (BPM) and Performance transformation. A noted leader Steve works as a mentor, coach and consultant and has helped pioneer through research and ‘hands-on’ exposure to the world’s leading companies the evolution to Advanced BPM aka 'Outside-In '. Recently recognised as a global thought leader in ‘Outside-In’ Steve continues to evolve process thinking towards a customer centric view of business.

An inspirational speaker (he has chaired and keynoted at more than 25 international conferences since 2001), contributor to leading journals and author of several books including
- A Senior Executives Guide to BPR (1994)
- In Search of BPM Excellence (2004)
- Thrive! How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer (2005)
- CEM - Success without Exception (2006) and
- Outside-In. The secret of the 21st century leading companies (2010)

Steve previously worked for Citibank where he led restructuring and business process transformation programs both in the US and Europe.

Advisor to several boards across the globe and sits on the steering panel of the influential California based BPM Forum, a group of distinguished 'C' Levels heading up Global 500 companies. Read of recent work at http://www.stevetowers.com and reach him at steve.towers @ bpgroup.org

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