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Microsoft PPM provides end to end enterprise project management and resource capacity planning. Attendees will learn about PPM integration scenarios with SAP and ITSM tools....Full Article »
Join us as we explore real-life examples from companies leveraging Process Mining to drive process excellence efforts across their entire organization.Your processes are well-defined. How do you verify whether they are sufficiently enforced? You need to see how those processes are handled in real life. With process mining, you get objective...Full Article »
Learn how Konica Minolta is improving process transparency, compliance and control with a new approach to managing process variations.Konica Minolta has an APAC regional imperative to standardize business processes.  The initial program to standardize core processes on their ERP platform was successful from an IT perspective, however the...Full Article »
Making Technology HumanThe conventional models for engaging customers in Life Sciences and Healthcare are changing dramatically, and driving major industry challenges. With the shift from product-centricity to patient-centricity, the importance of leveraging the “always on” patient communication channels of choice, has never been greater. Most...Full Article »
Digital Managed Services approach helps Insurance firms effectively leverage the potential of Robotic Process Automation while minimizing risk; which involves operating, learning and intelligently automating business processes leveraging best in class automation platforms, while providing guaranteed benefits upfront.Insurance firms have the...Full Article »
A project is simply a sequence of tasks which result in an attained objective, and therefore we all run projects on daily basis. They of course vary in complexity, ranging from a simple webinar planning to the building of an airplane and scopes of the projects usually include ensuring on time project completion, resource management, alignment of...Full Article »
Why you should be proactive, not reactive, with your client base to avoid losing them. Relationships are key to keeping policies in force, but what do you do when a client wants to surrender a policy? Could it have been prevented? How should you do this? In this 15 minute webinar hear how one company is doing it now....Full Article »
With the complicated product lineup that many companies have today, you need to sell more to your client base. CASE technology (a form of BPM) can help you up-sell and cross-sell to your client base. In this exclusive 15 minute webinar Samuel Stuckal, Senior Executive Advisor, Insurance,CEB TowerGroup and Gerry Gibney, Senior Strategist,...Full Article »
Underwriting is increasingly a data handling exercise, that needs to be faster and more automated. Life insurance companies face changes in longevity of customers and prospects. The key customer satisfaction driver for life insurance is the speed to issue a policy. This is very dependent on the speed of Underwriting. In this exclusive 15...Full Article »
178 results
of 17