Tripp Babbitt

Management is being blown up. The old methods used by GE, HP, and a plethora of iconic brands will not take us to the future - because of three reasons:

  • Speed of change,
  • Needy customers with outrageous demands, and
  • Employees looking for their next gig.

Management will need a new design in five areas to counter this:

  • An AIM with a compelling narrative for change - bonuses and shareholder wealth will not inspire a new generation of workers;
  • A need to convert data into knowledge - big data is all the rage, but 90 per cent of organizations aren't using fundamental statistical tools;
  • Of the 10 per cent that are using these tools, most are not getting the full knowledge they can bring;
  • Customer-in design - organizations are embracing customer service and customer experience, but the real gains come from a redesign - not just more effort;
  • A disciplined decision-making method is missing - organizations are great at analysis, but fail to have a structured process to counter confirmation bias and multiple ideas; and
  • Innovation in goods, services, and ideas - innovation requires method to continue to learn.

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