Roop Singh & Ian Hawkins

Roop Singh

Roop is an authority on Digital Transformation, Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Architecture and an AI Enthusiast. He is and experienced business transformation leader, trainer, and speaker with demonstrated proficiency in designing blockchain use cases and business models, architecting blockchain solutions and dramatically improving business processes to increase revenue, reduce cost, and deliver service excellence.

Ian Hawkins

Ian has has worked on communications projects for high-profile induividuals, SMEs and blue chip companies on locations including New York, Managua, Panama and Gothenburg.

Ian’s live event experience led to writing an acclaimed book, Insider Secrets of Public Speaking.His passion is helping businesses of all sizes understand how technology and communication can give them a competitive edge, and how personal change can drive transformation in the wider world.Today he is Editor of PEX Network for IQPC, bringing the latest business news to a global audience of C-suite leaders and decision makers.

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