KiSSFLOW Editorial

KiSSFLOW believes that you know how to solve your office chaos problems better than anyone else. That’s why they created a cloud-based platform to help business leaders create, modify, and use automated business applications. You can make each application with beautiful, easy-to-use, and modern technology. You get the functionality of high-end BPM software with no coding or complicated mapping, so you don’t have be a programmer to create amazing applications. It is currently rated as #1 workflow software in Google Apps Marketplace.

Who is KiSSFLOW for?

Department heads, senior managers, and process owners who want to automate repetitive processes tend to get the most out of KiSSFLOW. The interface is simple enough that they don’t need any background in coding, just a firm knowledge of their processes. With KiSSFLOW, you can create an unlimited number of automated business applications, so it is very useful for companies who are looking to automate several processes. Small and mid-sized companies get the advantage of a product that offers a low cost of entry. 

KiSSFLOW is used by more than 10,000 companies across many different industries and functions. Current KiSSFLOW customers are spread out over 121 countries. Some examples of enterprise customers are Dominos, Royal Caribbean, Office Depot, Sysco, Vonage, PepsiCo, and Michelin.

What features does KiSSFLOW have?   

Simple Interface

Because of its design, the only thing you need to know is your business process. You can use a drag-and-drop form and workflow creator to create simple or highly complicated workflows. The form creator has 14 different field types to chose from for any task. 

The interface is simple for users as well. They receive an email or mobile notification, review the data, and then either modify the data, approve it, reject it, or pass it back for further clarification. Since the app creator can set permissions and visibility on the data, users are never bombarded by a massive amount of data, but only what they need to see.

Progress Tracking

Users can track every item that goes through the process to see where it is in the workflow. With a quick look, they can see where it is and what tasks are left to finish. It’s a great way to watch for backlogs and quickly identify what needs to happen without digging through old emails. 


You can create your own custom reports in KiSSFLOW, tracking over any time period and using any data field in the form. KiSSFLOW has also built in some standard reports to see at a glance how many items you have open in a process and how many of them have breached SLA. It’s a great way to monitor and optimize your automated business application. All the reports can be customized and shared with other users.

Mobile App

It’s essential for users to be able to act on workflows while they are out of the office. KiSSFLOW offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. Within the app, users can approve items, create new ones, track progress, and upload images to workflows. 


KiSSFLOW is deeply integrated with Google Apps like Gmail and Google Drive. It also has open APIs and webhooks to connect your business applications to your other software. KiSSFLOW has a Zapier endpoint which means that you can link KiSSFLOW with more than 400 other cloud-based software services. 


KiSSFLOW is built on the Google Cloud infrastructure and uses their premium-grade security and reliability. All data that flows through KiSSFLOW is encrypted and data backups are performed in Europe, the US, and many other regions. 

KiSSFLOW has managed to do something extraordinary. It is a product that offers nearly identical features as high-end BPM software, but it’s easy to use and priced so that everyone can afford it. It’s no surprise that customers are flocking to it and are seeing the incredible benefits.

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