Eric Kerin

Eric Kerin is Jabil’s Senior IT Manager for business process management.  In this role, Eric is responsible for deploying BPM concepts and Pega technology within Jabil’s diverse, global landscape.  His work provides front-line employees with the tools and technologies they need to more quickly improve processes and rapidly replicate best practices across the enterprise.

Eric started his career at Jabil in 1999 and held many different roles across IT during that time.  His experience includes manufacturing support systems, global quality systems, manufacturing processes, test design and support, customer and supplier integration and supply chain management.

Across his entire 16 years of Jabil experience, Eric continues to hold one fundamental concept for all IT projects, which is, “an application is not the deliverable; the process improvement is.”  It is this approach to projects that has led Eric to excel in BPM.

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