Dr. Oliver Braitmayer

Dr. Oliver Braitmayer, currently Vice President Operational Excellence at Siemens Energy Solutions, has been with Siemens in various leading roles since the year 2000. He worked in different businesses for Siemens, mainly Mobile Phones, Solar Energy, Energy Solutions, Corporate Development and Corporate Audit. Prior to Siemens Dr. Braitmayer worked at a Top Management Consultancy for clients listed in the German DAX Index. His career at Siemens has been enriched with a broad range of cultural experience, which he gained in the recent years by working in an international environment and living in countries such as the USA, Israel and Brazil. In addition to the cultural appreciation Dr. Braitmayer has developed a deeper interest in Brazilian art and music during his time abroad. In his leisure time he enjoys playing music, skiing, and enjoying exotic food and wine in the company of his friends.

"My commitment to the PEX network…
-    to inspire and inform the PEX members with practical advice on business improvement tools, methodologies and technologies in order to achieve their business goals.
-    to provide advice about the editorial direction the portal might follow.
-    to provide insights and feedback to regular contributors and help to build the community"

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