Donald Kuk

Donald Kuk is an innovative multiple industry award winning Global Business Transformation, Operational Excellence and Quality Executive with 15+ years of delivering record setting top line growth (+45% and +$1.2 Billion annually) and margin improvement (+18% to 47%) in every assignment across multiple industries with specialty leading rapid global enterprise end-to-end business, manufacturing and transactional process and technology transformation, finance and regulatory compliance redesign, optimization and restructuring through advanced business, operations, finance, sales, marketing, people, process, technology, product development, manufacturing, supply chain, shared services and call center analysis, reengineering, program (PMO) and change management and globalization.

Donald's widely published successes include advanced metrics, analytics, strategy, mission, vision, program and roadmap development, multi-tiered communication, transformation and program management (PMO), quality, training, change and project management, and results verification for BNY Mellon, AIG, Ca, JP Morgan Chase, all divisions of GE, Lockheed Martin, Nokia and Acer Computer.

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