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Kalala Kadimba, NBC Universal International on Leading the Process Evolution
Kalala Kadimba, P2P Process Lead at NBC Universal International, speaks to Andrea Charles, Senior Editor, PEX Network about how the process excellence journey has evolved in recent years. Kadimba highlights the biggest challenges facing process in finance today and how next generation automation and technologies can empower process professionals View more
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In this recent interview Corinne Reisert, Chief Process Officer, SAP SE, shares with the PEX Network SAP’s approach for driving global business transformation. Reisert talks about how SAP is leveraging operational excellence as a platform for innovation and transformation on an enterprise-wide scale, and also shares her top tip for BPM best View more
Tags: SAP | Corinne Reisert | Chief Process Officer | Operational Excellence | BPM best practice | Global Business Transformation
[OpEx in Oil & Gas] Asset Reliability and Integrity Management
In a key presentation at Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Europe, Walter Pesenti, Managing Director, Navigant, made a keynote presentation on Asset Reliability and Integrity Management. He focused on increasing the reliability and uptime of assets to deliver improved business performance. Key discussion topics in this presentation include: Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Oil and Gas | Oil | Gas | Walter Pesenti | Navigant | Asset Reliability | Integrity Management | Assets | Business Performance | transformation
[OPEX in Oil & Gas] Rapid OPEX by Technology-Assisted Governance
This presentation by Dr. Mark Hodgkinson, Head of Operational Excellence at Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), focuses on Rapid Operational Excellence by technology-assisted governance.Bapco Refinery affiliated under the Chevron Technical Services (TSA) agreement, have had remarkable success with limited resources, in accelerating the adoption of Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Mark Hodgkinson | Bahrain Petroleum | BAPCO | technology | Governance
[OpEx in Oil & Gas] BP Upstream Insight: How to Get your OpEx Programs Signed Off
With the current low oil and gas prices squeezing profit margins, the importance of the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas portfolio is more important now more than ever. In this video presentation, Barry Hodgson, Director, OMS and Continuous Improvement at BP Upstream presents the most common failures of an Operations Management System (OMS Read more
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[Video] How can the OPEX in Oil & Gas Portfolio Help to Improve your Operations?
With the current low oil and gas prices squeezing profit margins, the importance of the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas portfolio is more important now more than ever.Find out from peers, such as Shell, BG Group, Maersk Drilling, and Catalent, why they see OPEX in Oil & Gas events as truly valuable and insightful in helping them to Read more
Tags: OPEX in Oil & Gas | Shell | Maersk Drilling | BG Group | Catalent | Oil | Gas | Big Data | technology | Innovation
PEX Network Awards 2016: What Does it Take to Be a Winner?
Hear from Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Post DHL, two 2015 PEX Network Awards Winners, who spoke on the PEX Network Global Awards Winners Panel Showcase at this year's PEX Week Europe event. Both organizations share insights on their winning projects and programs. Find out the strategies and techniques that they put in place and the hurdles they Read more
Tags: PEX Network Awards 2016 | PEX Week | Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Post DHL | Projects | Programs | Process Excellence | Sophie Leng-Smith | Continuous Improvement | Dr. Iris Kaib | First Choice Officer
[Video] Process Analysis to Enable Decisions and Advanced Analytics
Understanding and making informed strategic and operational decisions is directly connected to successful financial and operational outcomes. Monsanto takes its product pipeline very seriously, explains Tamarah Usher, its Business Process & Analytics Lead: "For us it is the difference between ensuring the world’s health or hunger caused by Read more
Tags: PEX Week | process analysis | decision-making | analytics | Monsanto | R&D Pipeline | Strategy | Finances | Operational Excellence | Tamarah Usher | business process | agility | Business Needs | business intelligence | Decision Modeling | Predictive Analytics | Safety | Products
Vice President of Process Excellence and Innovation at Verizon Sisir Padhy, addresses, at PEX Week, the role process plays in delighting customers.This session specifically looks at:Human centered designDesign thinkingQuick market intelligence and customer intelligenceAgile developmentLinking innovation to strategyTo watch the full video, you can Read more
Tags: Customer Experience | processes | design | Market Intelligence | Customer Intelligence | agility | development | Innovation | Strategy | Sisir Padhy | Process Excellence | Verizon
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