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Global State of PEX Report
The PEX Network surveyed over 800 process improvement and operational excellence professionals, as part of the largest global survey into the state of process excellence. In this exclusive report, we reveal the key trends highlighted by the “2017 biennial PEX Network state of the industry process excellence survey” and explore how organizations Read more
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4 Top Tips for Improving Operational Efficiency
Yarra Trams operates the fastest growing passenger mode in Melbourne. For us, operational excellence means optimising our performance, and then embedding business improvement. Hannah Marsden, Principal Coordinator, Lines at Yarra Trams shares 4 top tips for improving operational efficiency.
Tags: Yarra Trams | Melbourne | business improvement | Business Performance | Hannah Marsden | operational efficiency
The bar will be set higher for achieving operational excellence in 2017. As organizations face global uncertainty, increased regulatory scrutiny and cost pressures, leveraging operational excellence is essential to remain competitive. For the leaders that able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, differentiate their process and adopt Learn more
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Redefining Performance Insights from the Global C-Suite Study - The CFO perspective
How leading CFOs are taking the long view, preparing for the next wave of innovation and applying predictive analytics to decision making. This report draws on input from the 5,247 C-suite executives (CxOs) who participated in our latest C-suite Study – the eighteenth in the ongoing series of CxO studies conducted by the IBM Institute for Learn more
Tags: CFO | IBM | CFO perspective | Performance Insights | IBM Institute for Business Value
PEX Report cover
Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence.”
Tags: Operational Excellence | Annual Report | PEX Network Annual Report | Emergence | future of PEX
Traditional wisdom says that big companies are slow moving and not very innovative. Meanwhile, start ups and smaller competitors are nimble and able to outpace their sluggish rivals. That version of reality is, in many ways, borne out by recent corporate history with examples such as Blockbuster losing out to Netflix, or Apple’s iPhone swallowing Read more
BPM-D update
The white paper will introduce readers to the BPM-Discipline as‘Strategy Execution Engine’ that delivers significant business value.
Tags: process management | Process Excellence | Strategy
In this book, you’ll learn how automated business workflows and forms help drive efficiency, how non-developers can build process-based workflows, and how to evaluate the best business app workflows solutions for your organization.
Tags: Process Excellence | workflows | Automation
Are you still using random, after-the-fact reviews or departmental audits to determine the quality of the service you deliver?Download this helpful ebook to discover how the latest technology can help you create a continuous loop of improvement and deliver five-star service that customers love.
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PEX Periodic Thumbnail
The Process Excellence Periodic Table is a new way to look at the common methodologies, tools, technologies, goals and metrics that you're likely to encounter in process improvement and transformation. Download your copy now!
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104 results
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