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Highlights Business Performance Excellence USA 2016
This is not just another Process Excellence conference. Find out more at www.businessperformanceexcellencesummit.com
Tags: Business Performance Excellence USA | Business Performance Excellence USA 2016 | Business Performance Excellence USA 2017
[OpEx in Oil & Gas] Do YOU have Trust in YOUR Operations?
In this presentation from the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Europe Summit, Mark Jenkins, Applications Engineering Manager (Russia and Caspian) at Baker Hughes looks into the importance of trust in the oil and gas market and looks at key pitfalls, the purpose of operational excellence within organizations today and real-time process Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Mark Jenkins | Applications | engineering | Oil & Gas | Oil | Gas | Baker Hughes | Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas | pitfalls | real-time | Process safety management
[OpEx in Oil & Gas] Asset Reliability and Integrity Management
In a key presentation at Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Europe, Walter Pesenti, Managing Director, Navigant, made a keynote presentation on Asset Reliability and Integrity Management. He focused on increasing the reliability and uptime of assets to deliver improved business performance. Key discussion topics in this presentation include: Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Oil and Gas | Oil | Gas | Walter Pesenti | Navigant | Asset Reliability | Integrity Management | Assets | Business Performance | transformation
The Current Oil & Gas Environment: Chair's Opening Address [OpEx in Oil & Gas]
The oil and gas environment is a volatile one with fluctuations in the price of oil forcing firms to find further operational efficiencies and look into new methodologies and solutions. At the top of the corporate agenda lies operational excellence, which a number of organizations have already established metrics and cultural principals across its Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Mike Dyson | Navigant | Oil | Gas | Oil & Gas | transformation
[OPEX in Oil & Gas] Rapid OPEX by Technology-Assisted Governance
This presentation by Dr. Mark Hodgkinson, Head of Operational Excellence at Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), focuses on Rapid Operational Excellence by technology-assisted governance.Bapco Refinery affiliated under the Chevron Technical Services (TSA) agreement, have had remarkable success with limited resources, in accelerating the adoption of Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Mark Hodgkinson | Bahrain Petroleum | BAPCO | technology | Governance
Achieving Sustainable Operational Excellence
Price volatility, soaring costs and fast changing regulations are among some of the major challenges re-shaping the oil and gas sector – driving a ‘transform or lose pace’ approach to today’s business management. In fact 93% respondents surveyed for the Forbes Insights/KPMG report "Business Transformation and the Corporate Agenda" recognised that Read more
Tags: OpEx | Operational Excellence | Bizagi | Oil and Gas | transformation | BPM | Business Process Management
Leadership, Culture and Behavior to Support OpEx Transformation
Many things are creeping up the corporate agenda of many oil and gas companies today, but implementing changes in leadership thinking and behaviours to effectively embrace and support organizational transformation is certainly one of the key ones.Key Topics:Why process improvement can be easier than you think: securing executive support the right Read more
Tags: OpEx | Operational Excellence | Oil and Gas | leadership | Behavior | process improvement | transformation | Management | Training | Change Management | stakeholder engagement | Buy-in
[Video] Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Linking Strategy to Operations
In the current oil and gas climate, operational excellence and linking strategy to operations is key to success. In this panel discussion, from OpEx Oil & Gas 2015 in London, Vice Presidents from GE Oil & Gas, CGG and ENI came together to discuss the key topic areas in an engaging and interactive panel discussion.Panelists:Patrick Schiele Read more
Tags: Operational Excellence | OpEx | Oil and Gas | Oil | Gas | Strategy | Operations | Process Excellence | process improvement | Partik Schiele | GE Oil & Gas | Kamil Beffa | CGG | Joost van Helden | ENI | operating models | optimization | Management | leadership
PEX Network Awards 2016: What Does it Take to Be a Winner?
Hear from Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Post DHL, two 2015 PEX Network Awards Winners, who spoke on the PEX Network Global Awards Winners Panel Showcase at this year's PEX Week Europe event. Both organizations share insights on their winning projects and programs. Find out the strategies and techniques that they put in place and the hurdles they Read more
Tags: PEX Network Awards 2016 | PEX Week | Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Post DHL | Projects | Programs | Process Excellence | Sophie Leng-Smith | Continuous Improvement | Dr. Iris Kaib | First Choice Officer
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