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May 16, 2016 by Martina Simon
Martina Simon
With a potential Trump or Clinton administration pending in the USA, we take a closer look at how Kaizen can be applied to Obamacare...
Tags: Kaizen | Trump | Clinton Administration | obamacare
Process Excellence Network
The importance of changing culture and behaviour, the rise of data analytics and the increasing encroachment of digital transformation were high on the agenda at PEX Network’s annual European gathering of the PEXerati in London, OpEx and Process Transformation Week. Two jam packed days of talks, discussions and networking tackled some of the Read more
Tags: OPEX and Process Transformation Week 2016 | OpEx and Process Transformation Week | data analytics
April 19, 2016 by Diana Davis
Diana Davis
Ever wonder what are all the different elements that go into making a process excellence deployment successful? Today’s process practitioners have an almost ever-expanding number of methodologies, tools and technologies at their disposal that making sense of it all can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming.
Tags: Process Excellence Periodic Table, Periodic Table
April 5, 2016 by Aaron Azzopardi
Aaron Azzopardi
Guest contributor Aaron Azzopardi proposes a concept called “Raise the BaR” to help teams develop a habit of continuous improvement through empowered and engaged teams. Here’s how it works.
Tags: Continuous Improvement
429 results
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