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May 22, 2017 by PEX Network Reports
PEX Network Reports
The team at the PEX Network are conducting the largest global survey of operational excellence and business transformation executives, and we want you to take part!
Tags: State of the industry | Process Excellence | Operational Excellence | Business Transformation
May 16, 2017 by Matteo Carbone
Matteo Carbone
Every insurance sector player ought to ask: How should the value chain be reshaped by using the new technologies at hand?
Tags: InsurTech | Insurance Sector | Digital Transformation | Matteo Carbone | Connected Insurance Observatory
April 18, 2017 by
Outside Innovation
How do we move into the customer’s world and develop an outside-in approach to innovation and continuous improvement? Robin Timothy, Co-founder and Change Agent at BridgeOne.co, offers a set of steps for leaders to get closer to the customer experiences in order to drive product and service innovation.
Tags: Innovation | Continuous Improvement | product innovation | Service Innovation
April 12, 2017 by Editorial Staff
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There are two ways to imitate the innovations of others—namely; (1) developing a "me-too” or copycat offering to compete directly against the originator's innovation and; (2) launching a creative imitation of a rival's success.
Tags: Peter F. Drucker | imitation | Innovation
April 10, 2017 by Editorial Staff
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Growth is essential to every organization. The opposite of growth isn’t "no-growth”—it's decay. The first question to ask in a growth policy is, "How much growth do we need to avoid becoming a marginal player as our market grows?"
Tags: Peter F. Drucker | imitation | Innovation
March 27, 2017 by PEX Network Reports
PEX Network Reports
When continuous improvement is part of a career plan, organizations can find and develop talent with the different skills they need. To stay in sync with your organization's needs — and keep advancing up the ranks — start by continually evaluating your employees' skills. From there, you can fill any knowledge gaps with a targeted Read more
Tags: talent management | talent survey | talent management survey | organizational talent management | CMMI Institute | CMMI | Continuous Improvement
February 7, 2017 by Nathalie M. Khodr
Nathalie Khodr
Mike Huszar, Principal at Drive Inc. was one of the guest speakers at OPEX Week 2017: Business Transformation World Summit (organized by the PEX Network). His presentation focused on the “Principles for Successful Improvement Initiatives”. One of the many takeaways pertain to personal responsibility and management of our company’s long-term vision Read more
Tags: OPEX Week 2017 | Mike Huszar | OPEX Week 2017: Business Transformation World Summit | improvement initiatives | Nathalie Khodr
151 results
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