BPM Straight Up - Separating Fact from Fiction

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Dan Morris
There is a revolution currently taking place in business, writes columnist Dan Morris. What does this mean for you and the future of business transformation? Business Architects working with Business Process Architects and Enterprise Architects have an unprecedented opportunity to actually transform companies and deliver a bold vision of possible Read more
June 14, 2016 by Dan Morris
Dan Morris
I have been looking at why BPM/BPMS projects fail and what can be done about it for some time.  Over my years in big consulting I had to rescue more than a couple of projects – both for the companies I worked for and for clients.  Increasing the probability of success has been a quest of mine for a lot of years.  All of the things that I have Read more
May 24, 2016 by Dan Morris
Dan Morris
Reestablishing BPM and Six Sigma – the ideas that started it allDo you remember W. Edwards Deming?  Do you remember Michael Hammer?BPM has been around for the past 20 years and it has evolved considerably.  The same is true for the basic concepts of statistical analysis based continuous improvement.  But has this evolution been good?  Maybe it is Read more
April 12, 2016 by Dan Morris
Dan Morris
A great many companies suffer from stalled BPM – they are stalled on narrow improvements and are not progressing to transformation or farther still, to strategic alignment and execution. Is yours one of them?
Tags: Dan Morris | BPM
February 22, 2016 by Dan Morris

Data Reflections

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Daniel Senter
Over the past 18 months we have seen many companies starting to move away from the traditional Business Process Outsourcing offering. Here's why and what robotic process automation has to do with it.
Tags: business process outsourcing | BPO | robotic process automation | RPA
April 6, 2016 by Daniel Senter
Daniel Senter
Automation is a familiar part of the process excellence and continuous improvement toolkit, having been in use for years if not decades. So how is robotic process automation (RPA) any different?
Tags: robotic process automation | Automation
March 1, 2016 by Daniel Senter

Street Smarts for Change Management

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Jeff Cole
Beer can teach us something about successful process change because beer is actually a great metaphor for corporate cultures. Here's why.
March 29, 2016 by Jeff Cole
Jeff Cole
We all use influence skills daily, ranging from steering your friends toward seeing a certain movie, to getting your kids to eat their broccoli, to persuading that guy down the hall who doesn’t report to you to start using your new process. Columnist Jeff Cole explores tactics you can use to gain influence within your organization.
Tags: process | people | change | Change Management | influence
February 10, 2016 by Jeff Cole

Low-code Development Platforms: Could one be right for you?

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Nigel Warren
In last month’s Low-code corner article we explored the topic of experimentation. More specifically - when and how should you apply an experimental approach to process improvement? We deduced that lean start-up techniques such as "test and learn", were most relevant to "systems of engagement", the processes and system with which you win, serve Read more
Tags: Low-Code | Test and Learn | Customer Experience | Cost Reduction | Retention | engagement | CX | IT | Process Waste | Manual processing | security | Interaction | Empowering staff | customer service | lean | Thomas Cook | Complaint-handling process | Silos | communication | David Spickett | MATS | MatsSoft | Process Excellence | process improvement | Tools | Nationwide Building Society | Operating Costs | Service Levels | agility | Case Management System | customer-centricity | Ian Thompson | Customer Operations | Operational Excellence
November 8, 2015 by Nigel Warren
Nigel Warren
In last month's column, we defined the term Low-code Development Platform with the help of Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, who I interviewed on the topic recently.We compared Low-code Development Platforms to more IT-centric BPM Suite products, and deduced the following two takeaways Read more
Tags: Low-Code | MatsSoft | Forrester | Gartner
September 23, 2015 by Nigel Warren
Nigel Warren
Welcome to Low-code Corner, a new monthly feature in which we’ll examine this new and upcoming category of BPM software. The kinds of question we’ll be answering in a series of articles and interviews include: • Where, when and why should you consider using a low-code platform? • How are they different to more traditional BPM tools? • Read more
Tags: MatsSoft | Forrester | Clay Richardson | BPM | Business Process Management | Low-Code
July 29, 2015 by Nigel Warren

IT Insider: Creating Business Value with Quality IT

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Gene Rogers
"What in the world have I gotten myself into?" That’s usually what I am asking myself the first week after taking over a new IT team. Fortunately, "been there, done that" really does help in this situation. If you find yourself in charge of an IT team for the first time, follow this three-step program for quick success. First, meet Read more
Tags: Gene Rogers | IT | Management | leadership | engagement | performance | Organizational Change
August 16, 2015 by Gene Rogers

Process Fun

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PEX Network Cartoons
Do you find it's hard to explain to your C-level executives what Business Process Management is really all about? Clearly, you're not alone. This funny animated video pokes fun at a new COO that struggles to understand BPM and tries to avoid it at all costs!
Tags: Chief Operating Ostrich | Business Process Management | BPM for Dummies
May 29, 2014 by PEX Network Cartoons
PEX Network Cartoons
Process automation helps speed up throughput and cycle times - but what will the world look like when it's all automated?
Tags: Automation | process automation | cartoon | process fun
July 4, 2013 by PEX Network Cartoons
Sam Miranda
PR disasters, compliance issues and the perils of outsourcing - is social media a process problem waiting to happen?
Tags: social media | social bpm | people | process | technology | Sam Miranda | Chrysler | HMV | Francesca’s | disastrous tweets
March 5, 2013 by Sam Miranda

Mr Angry, You Call THAT Customer Service?

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Ian Gotts
New roles like the "Chief Customer Officer" and "Chief Digital Officer," are emerging as companies invest in aligning processes, technology and communications to better serve the customer. But it is all the hoopla about customer experience just a fad? Columnist Ian Gottts interviews, Kia Puhm, VP of Customer Experience at Read more
Tags: Ian Gotts | Customer Experience | Eloqua | Chief Customer Officer | Chief Digital Officer | Kia Puhm
August 11, 2013 by Ian Gotts
Ian Gotts
Too few loyalty schemes actually inspire loyalty, says columnist Ian Gotts. Here's why gaining customer loyalty means more than just a clever program.
Tags: Ian Gotts | customer loyalty | airlines
April 30, 2013 by Ian Gotts

MWD Insights

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Neil Ward-Dutton
We all know that BPM is an uncommon thing, and difficult to pigeonhole: it’s partly an approach to managing a business ("management by business process", if you like); partly an approach to managing business processes through various changes and lifecycle stages ("management of business processes"); and partly a way of using software to create Read more
Tags: Business Process Management (BPM) | MWD | BPM Summit | Neil Ward-Dutton | benchmarking | BPM Maturity | maturity assessment
April 28, 2013 by Neil Ward-Dutton