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This infographic will provide you with a snapshot of where potential clients are planning to invest in consultancy services, business intelligence, BPM suites, technology platforms and robotic process automation now.
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K2 White Paper
Learn more about empowering your organization to keep up with the quickly changing market and how K2’s low-code, agile BPM platform as helped companies across all industries transform their business.
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Many organisations already have their standard processes relatively well automated but these also tend to be processes done by lower paid workers. In this interview, we speak to Barry O'Reilly, Director BPM, EMEA, Oracle who discusses that the real value is in automating processes with higher expertise and hence higher cost.At present we are Read more
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BPM 2017
The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to BPM Software 2017 takes an in-depth look at the 10 essential features that any BPMS needs to have to stay relevant. It also gives practical tips on how to choose a solution that will carry you well into 2020 without having to do a new software evaluation every two years.
Tags: BPM Software | The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to BPM Software 2017 | BPMS | BPM | KISSFLOW | Business Process Management
PEX Report cover
Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence.”
Tags: Operational Excellence | Annual Report | PEX Network Annual Report | Emergence | future of PEX
Complex market conditions combined with digitally empowered consumers present a challenging commercial environment. The answer is innovation and agility but the question is how this is achieved.Creating a Next Generation Enterprise suited to this new “normal” is about understanding and managing processes. When processes are aligned and good Read more
Tags: Business Transformation | Process Excellence | Operational Excellence | BPM
Creating an automated process with traditional BPM software requires the user to think like a machine. Every task and situation must be programmed and accounted for. Many BPM solutions have tried to be more user-friendly, but they still don't start with the business leader in mind. Human-centric BPM means letting a process owner create the entire Read more
Tags: BPM | KISSFLOW | Human-centric BPM | BPM Software | BPM solutions
How Co Creation Partners Achieved Brand Awareness and Generated Leads Through Coordinated Online and Event Sponsorship
After sponsoring a whitepaper on PEX Network’s online platform, performance transformation specialists Co Creation Partners managed to land an on site meeting at PEX Week USA, raise its brand positioning and generate high quality leads topursue.PEX Network caught up with Shobha Nayar of Co Creation Partners to discover the firm’s key methods in Read more
Tags: Co Creation Partners | PEX Network, PEX Week USA, OPEX Week USA
Traditional wisdom says that big companies are slow moving and not very innovative. Meanwhile, start ups and smaller competitors are nimble and able to outpace their sluggish rivals. That version of reality is, in many ways, borne out by recent corporate history with examples such as Blockbuster losing out to Netflix, or Apple’s iPhone swallowing Read more
Download this White Paper to learn how to leverage new, effective approaches to change and process management using lessons from social media.
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20 results
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