Organizations are addressing their governance and compliance challenges – including increased regulation and heightened risk of data loss – through a variety of automation tools and methodologies...
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PEX Network can provide a remarketing service to expand your brand awareness. You can now target our PEX Network audience and members while they search the wider internet and interact on social media. This opportunity increases your brand exposure and adds additional influence to your online marketing campaign. You provide the ad creative, we take Read more
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Global State of PEX Report
The PEX Network surveyed over 800 process improvement and operational excellence professionals, as part of the largest global survey into the state of process excellence. In this exclusive report, we reveal the key trends highlighted by the “2017 biennial PEX Network state of the industry process excellence survey” and explore how organizations Read more
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The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live, work and interact with the world around us; compelling companies to re-tool their core capabilities to take advantage of these new data-centric realities. To harness the exploding volumes of data that the 4th Industrial revolution is creating, organizations must overcome both the critical Read more
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Leading In a Fast-Changing, Digitally Disruptive Environment
This white paper describes IBM’s three-part strategy for becoming a cognitive business. It explains how digitization—along with analytics, cognitive technologies and design thinking—can accelerate business transformation and enable new solutions to support better user and business outcomes.
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In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to meet the rising and changing customer expectations. Failure to satisfy the ever-connected customer could seriously harm business. This must-read infographic contains tips, challenges and essential components for creating the ultimate customer journey. Learn to engage your customers Learn more
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Deriving Value from the Data Deluge
Various sources of information are providing companies access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. While Big Data offers the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations and customers it also poses a number of new challenges.This Read more
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