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The Process Excellence Periodic Table is a new way to look at the common methodologies, tools, technologies, goals and metrics that you're likely to encounter in process improvement and transformation. Download your copy now! Learn more

PEX Pulse

Every year for the past 16 years, the process excellence industry’s movers and shakers have gathered at PEX Week USA, in Orlando, Florida. There has been such a wealth of experience that has walked through the doors of that conference over the years. We’ve had some phenomenal speakers over the past two decades - including none other than Jack Welch, former CEO of GE – that have tracked the development of process excellence from the days of Six Sigma to the explosion of methods and technology... Learn more


Your customers are on a journey. Every interaction with your company informs the quality of that journey. Do you want great customers?Learn more

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In December 2015, Co-Creation Partners wrote a white paper on the future of operational excellence (OpEx) that was downloaded by over a thousand members of the PEX community.Learn more

Download this piece to learn how technology has evolved to automate and improve quality management in back-office operations, but businesses should take a phased approach to customize a continuous quality improvement program for their operations.Managers of back-office operations have little visibility into how work is processed. Rather than continuing with the traditional approach of randomly sampling transactions and performing post-process quality reviews or audits, you can take your... Learn more

PEX Week USA Executive Briefing

A breath of fresh air ushered in a new era of ground-breaking discussion, solutions and content at this year’s PEX Week. You could feel it buzzing in the atmosphere at the Hilton Buena Vista, just along the street from the infamous Downtown Disney. Whilst Orlando is a destination for fun and frivolity, it’s also the home of new ideas and brainstorming process excellence ideas. A fair share of the chatter was dedicated to up and coming issues such as bringing about business transformation,... Learn more

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Business Ecosystems

In a world where everything is connected, everything matters. Today’s connections mean ever expanding, richer networks are emerging. They’re called Digital Business Ecosystems, and they represent a radical shift in the most fundamental aspects of creating new value.Download this white paper to find out how Digital Business Ecosystems are impacting business process management, and how state of the art technologies will allow you to leverage these new models. You will learn:What a Digital... Learn more

Key Factors for Successful Process Improvement and Business Transformation

Learn how to be an adaptive enterprise: break down the silos and put an end to swivel chair integration. Are you tired of departmental inefficiencies, a lack of cross-functional solutions and insufficient and ineffective communication? This infographic reveals the importance of a seamless flow of information to improve efficiency, speed, resiliency and agility. - Why business process automation is essential. - How to break down the silos and align business activities. - How to drive... Learn more

Deriving Value from the Data Deluge

Various sources of information are providing companies access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. While Big Data offers the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations and customers it also poses a number of new challenges.This special report, featuring original research data and interviews with leading practitioners and experts in the field, looks at the ways that companies... Learn more

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The Secret to Unleashing an Unstoppable Improvement Culture

In this whitepaper learn how to identify and overcome the causes of a weak process culture to create a successful and sustainable culture of continuous improvement. Overcoming resistance to change is a key challenge for organizations embarking on process improvement. But what if it is actually the way we are running our change programs that is restricting our teams' natural urge to change? This whitepaper explores why it is still common-place for process improvement efforts to... Learn more

253 whitepaper results
of 25