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K2 White Paper

Learn more about empowering your organization to keep up with the quickly changing market and how K2’s low-code, agile BPM platform as helped companies across all industries transform their business.Learn more

RPA Guide for Banks

The global Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) robotic automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 75% and is expected to reach USD 835 million by 2020. This rapid adoption rate indicates, that BFSI companies will focus on investing for training and ownership of the automation technologies, as compared to investing on professional services to automate processes, over the forecasted period.Learn more

The Six Roles of an Internal Continuous Improvement Organization

Working with organizational customers to develop and deliver value-adding services is a major challenge for any internal service organization. Continuous Improvement (CI) teams are no exception. This article describes a framework that can help internal CI teams identify and articulate the roles they can play to better meet their customer’s needs. By having a framework they can use with internal customers, CI leaders can align expectations for service delivery and ensure their team plays the right role(s) to add the most value to the organization.Learn more

How To Kick-Start Your Digital Transformation

Get practical advice from this guide for business and digital leaders explaining a three-step framework for beginning digital transformation.Learn more

A Guide to Scrum 2017

A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI provides a roadmap to successfully adopt and implement CMMI and agile together.Learn more


The bar will be set higher for achieving operational excellence in 2017. As organizations face global uncertainty, increased regulatory scrutiny and cost pressures, leveraging operational excellence is essential to remain competitive. For the leaders that able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, differentiate their process and adopt emerging technologies, whilst keeping a customer-centric approach, new opportunities and profitability await in 2017.Learn more


SSON asks implementation experts from multi-nationals what they are getting out of RPALearn more

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Robotic Process Automation has rapidly gained entry to the agendas of Finance and Procurement organizations – but what does it really mean for P2P?While most of the past deployments have been industry-specific (e.g., financial services, utilities, telecom), business services like HR, Procurement, and Finance are scrambling to gain a better understanding of the technology, and its potential to improve performance. The Hackett Group’s RPA analysis identifies a number of critical success... Learn more

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How to ensure your Bot doesn't go terminatorLearn more

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Bots are visible, traceable, and secure – so what's missing?Learn more

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308 whitepaper results
of 30