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Process Excellence Network's whitepapers are expertly researched and written. Our lean six sigma and business process management whitepapers provide organizational value and drive ROI. Explore them today.

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Read the latest research revealing the true disruption faced by businesses on the path to digital change.Companies undergoing transformation can experience a lot of turbulence along the way. Large, complex organizations often discover that the pace of change is set by their customers and a wave of disruptive competition. This can make these businesses feel very slow, very quickly.To find out what measures can be taken to increase the pace of business change and the probability of success,... Learn more

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The PEX Network is pleased to present The State of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise - The PEX Perspective - Now with foreword and commentary from Dan Senter, Head of Business Systems & Innovation, National Grid & Columnist for the PEX Network.In 2014, distinguished Oxford University philosopher, Nick Bostrom, released his book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies. It hypothesises the potential impact on society if “machine brains” were to... Learn more


Flow is a key concept in achieving Operational Excellence. While there is a lot of information available on creating flow in cells, and even in the end-to-end value stream within a factory, there is one large obstacle many companies face when trying to design and achieve flow in their operation: product mix.In this white paper, Kevin Duggan, Founder, Institute for Operational Excellence, explains the 10 critical questions operations must answer to design mixed model value streams in complex... Learn more


To support end users, integrate data sources, and fill in the gap of ERP solutions, high-productivity business application platforms allow users to specify their needs and rapidly build business processes without the need to allocate the usually limited and expensive IT department or IT consultant resources.In this report, readers will learn how they can have an immediate impact on process improvement with low-code apps.Download this report to learn how you can:Build a new process and evolve as... Learn more

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Cloud Computing has changed the way senior management teams are approaching technology. Businesses do recognise the threat of more innovative competitors and understand the importance of the rapid development of new business applications and services.But they must now put that knowledge into practice. Cloud technology provides the opportunity to unify business processes and free data from silos. It offers an agile environment that will give businesses the ability to adapt quickly to the... Learn more

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The purpose of this report is to provide business leaders a perspective of the emerging data economy and how to drive value through data monetization. Data, specifically Internet of Things (IoT) data, has become a strategic asset that can be sold and exchanged. Determining how to evaluate the potential uses of different types of data is complex and has far-reaching implications. Companies will need to evaluate their organization’s structure, go-to-market approach, and overall corporateidentity... Learn more


How to select, deploy, and get the most value from an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) or Portfolio Project Management Solution (PPM) If there is only one reason for this eBook, it is sharing best practices. It is intended for organisations starting out on their Project and Portfolio Management Journeys and describes the benefits a EPPM solution can bring. It outlines best practices and practical advice for selecting and implementing great software by those who’ve done it and–most... Learn more

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Find out how leading practitioners and businesses are positioning themselves for success in PEX Network’s exclusive report “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence.”Learn more


Complex market conditions combined with digitally empowered consumers present a challenging commercial environment. The answer is innovation and agility but the question is how this is achieved.Creating a Next Generation Enterprise suited to this new “normal” is about understanding and managing processes. When processes are aligned and good practices are applied, efficiencies are created that free people to innovate and generate a nimbler organization which is able to adapt to continuously... Learn more

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The QuickBase digital transformation survey conducted from February - March 2016 captured the sentiments of 301 senior IT and operations professionals in the United States about digital transformation in their organizations. Overall, senior IT and operations staff are feeling confident about their digital transformation efforts.Download this infographic today to find out:Key decision makers for digital transformation technology solutionsTop important factors for driving digital... Learn more

283 whitepaper results
of 28