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Contributor: PEX Network Editorial
Posted: 02/16/2017
PEX Network Editorial
In this recent interview Corinne Reisert, Chief Process Officer, SAP SE, shares with the PEX Network SAP’s approach for driving global business transformation. Reisert talks about how SAP is leveraging operational excellence as a platform for innovation and transformation on an enterprise-wide scale, and also shares her top tip for BPM best practice. Full Video »
Contributor: Diana Davis
Posted: 03/29/2016
As many process excellence leaders know, one of the key aims of a process improvement program is not to deliver merely technical results, but to change the way that people in an organization think so that improvement becomes something that everyone does on a daily basis. But instilling a “continuous improvement mindset” - as many call it - does Full Podcast »
Contributor: Ian Gotts
Posted: 02/20/2017
Ian Gotts
This in an excerpt from my recent free ebook "Analysis, Automation and Adoption for #AwesomeAdmins"(44 pages of valuable content - not 6 pages of marketing fluff). It is written with Salesforce implementations in mind, but it is equally applicable to any other systems implementation; MSDynamics, SAP, Workday, Oracle etc or in fact any change initiative. Full Column »