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Lean Six Sigma & Business Performance
Contributor: John S. Hamalian
Posted: 06/01/2016
John S. Hamalian
‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T - find out what it means to me!’ was the chorus of a spirited song belted out by soul singer extraordinaire Aretha Franklin back in the late 1960s.  Following Aretha’s lead, what does ‘Respect’ mean to you?  In Part 1 of this series, we explored what ‘Respect for People’ means from the perspective of Toyota’s key lean princ Full Article »
Posted: 11/02/2015
[OpEx in Oil & Gas] Do YOU have Trust in YOUR Operations?
In this presentation from the Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Europe Summit, Mark Jenkins, Applications Engineering Manager (Russia and Caspian) at Baker Hughes looks into the importance of trust in the oil and gas market and looks at key pitfalls, the purpose of operational excellence within organizations today and real-time process safety Full Video »
Contributor: Diana Davis
Posted: 03/29/2016
As many process excellence leaders know, one of the key aims of a process improvement program is not to deliver merely technical results, but to change the way that people in an organization think so that improvement becomes something that everyone does on a daily basis. But instilling a “continuous improvement mindset” - as many call it - does Full Podcast »
Contributor: Daniel Senter
Posted: 04/12/2016
Daniel Senter
I recently was reminded of great advice offered over 70 years ago, but still relevant today:"To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long. This wastes time, while energy has to be spent in looking for the essential points."Any idea where it’s from? You can read the original memo here.The memo was issued Full Column »
Contributor: Diana Davis
Posted: 06/27/2016
Diana Davis
Traditional wisdom says that big companies are slow moving and not very innovative. Meanwhile, start ups and smaller competitors are nimble and able to outpace their sluggish rivals. That version of reality is, in many ways, borne out by recent corporate history with examples such as Blockbuster losing out to Netflix, or Apple’s iPhone swallowing u Full Whitepaper »