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New course dates have been confirmed for 2016 

Central to process excellence is the ability to run successful projects and to do things as efficiently as possible. Our courses provide the skills to effectively eliminate waste, reduce variability, eradicate errors, and improve customer service.

If you're looking to advance your career and build your skills then our PEX Institute Online Learning Courses may just be what you need to take the extra step. As all the courses are conducted online, all you'll need is an internet connection and to have booked your course & the best thing is you can benefit from group and individual learning!

The courses

The courses are taught through 'blended online learning' which includes instructor-led virtual classes, online modules and student guides all concentrated on execution. Each course includes rigorous team-oriented Capstone Project Simulation tests which feature hands-on tools, data analysis, simulations and tollgate reviews. In order to qualify for your Belt Certificate you'll need to achieve the minimum average result on each module. It's intensive and for those who want to be at the top of their game and drive real business value.

Course dates:

CourseStart dateEnd dateCost
Lean Six SigmaYellow Belt for HealthcareFebruary 03, 2016March 30, 2016$1,495
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltFebruary 04, 2016June 16, 2016$4,495
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltMay 10, 2016September 20, 2016$4,495
Lean Six Sigma Black BeltSeptember 29, 2016February 16, 2017$4,495
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltFebruary 04, 2016April 28, 2016$2,795
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltMay 10, 2016August 09, 2016$2,795
Lean Six Sigma Green BeltSeptember 29, 2016January 12, 2017$2,795
Large group bookings are possible and we can offer team discounts for bulk sign ups.

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What Certified students have to say about the course:

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What you'll get:

Take a look at the blended learning system:


You'll participate in a blend of online individual learning, virtual classrooms (from the comfort of your computer) and Capstone Project Simulation activities to measure your knowledge from the sessions.


Who are the courses suitable for?

Anyone involved with Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement or Process Excellence. This includes Project Managers, Project Team Members, Project Sponsors, or anyone supporting or leading a process excellence or continuous improvement team.

If you're new to Six Sigma principles you'll finish the course with a solid understanding and practical knowledge of Continuous Process Improvement disciplines. Get certified in methods like DMAIC, Eight Wastes, Value Stream Mapping, Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (FMEA), and ROI Maximization.

If you're a seasoned Process Excellence Manager and are looking to take the next step to enhance your knowledge, would like a refresher or are new to an organisation and want to excel, these courses will give you a comprehensive view of successful project excellence initiatives.


What you'll learn

Each course covers a unique schedule starting with an introduction to Lean, the Lean Roadmap, Six Sigma and DMAIC Methodology. You'll then move on to building specific skills in tools, analysis and deployment to enable you to run your own lean and six sigma projects.

You'll be able to confidently implement and sustain successful Project Management in your organization.

Whichever your level, the courses are designed to provide valuable skills in:

  • Reducing variability
  • Eliminating waste
  • Eradicating errors
  • Improving customer service


The modules you'll complete during the course include:

  • Measuring the Process
  • Process Analysis
  • Capstone project
  • Statistical Testing
  • Designing Experiments
  • Controlling the Process

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How to get started

Simply review the course agendas, select the course that is right for you and book. If you have any questions or would like more information contact us pexinstitute@pexnetwork.com