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Andrea Charles
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It is safe to say that 2016 was a year of immense and unexpected change. As the global political, economic and regulatory environment shift, the way we do business in the future will fundamentally change. The rule book is being torn up and disruptive technologies are shaking to the very core how organizations operate....Full Article »
The bar will be set higher for achieving operational excellence in 2017. As organizations face global uncertainty, increased regulatory scrutiny and cost pressures, leveraging operational excellence is essential to remain competitive. For the leaders that able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, differentiate their process and adopt...Full Article »
A PEX Network Interview with Suneel Gupta, Founder and CEO, Rise, Former VP of Product Development, Groupon, Visionary Product and Innovation Leader. Ahead of his Keynote presentation at OPEX Week 2017, Andrea Charles, Senior Editor at the PEX Network caught up with the Big Ideas Speaker Suneel Gupta, to discuss how to take the leap from...Full Article »
Qmarkets is a leading provider of innovation management and collective intelligence solutions. At the PEX Nextwork's 5th Annual Business Process Excellence Summit, Michael Stilger, Senior VP, Global Solutions...Full Article »
One of the top challenges faced by companies is how to align business strategy and operational excellence program and many organizations fail to achieve this. What is the missing link? How to develop a well-articulated blueprint for business and operations alignment? Business architecture is the answer according to many that have...Full Article »
At the PEX Nextwork's 5th Annual Business Process Excellence Summit, the Process Excellence Network interviewed Robert Quinn, Senior Director Process Excellence, American Water on how Process Excellence is supporting the Customer Experience and how American Water is leveraging the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and journey mapping to achieve...Full Article »
There was a heatwave in San Francisco last week but it wasn't the only thing that was sizzling. The PEX Nextwork's 5th Annual Business Process Excellence Summit was also taking place in the city. This annual event provides the USA’s ultimate guide to innovating across the enterprise and reinventing business models to achieve true...Full Article »
As customers demand more, the insurance industry has to listen or lose out. An effective voice of the customer programme (VoC) will not only create an environment for continuous improvement, but also provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. With more insurance companies conducting their own customer research, Andrea...Full Article »
Ahead of the 3rd Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance, the PEX Network caught up with key speaker Allstate’s CI Methodology Lead, Howard Grunwell to get a snapshot into how the company is responding to customers’ changing expectations and transforming the customer experience....Full Article »
Darren Olson is Director of Consumer Innovation, UPMC Health Plan. Under his leadership, the Consumer Innovation Department has grown significantly in both size and scope, representing expertise in human-centered design, visual design, product and service design and experience strategy.In this exclusive PEX Network interview, Olson shares some of...Full Article »
12 results
of 1