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John Moran
Through our experience in making successful organizational change we have found the following questions provide a useful guide in helping to think through a change initiative before embarking, while also minimizing the resistance to change. The questions deal with issues and concerns before the change starts (BC), during the change process (DC), Read more
Tags: John Moran | Les Beitsch | Organizational Change | change initiative | change
November 9, 2016 by PEX Network Staff
PEX Network Staff
America woke or didn’t sleep to the announcement that their 45th POTUS was to be Republican Donald J. Trump, and not as many of the polls had predicted Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Trump is scheduled to take office as President on January 20, 2017 despite getting less votes than his opponent ‘heir-presumptive’ Hilary Clinton. So how did Read more
Tags: US Election 2016 | Trump | Clinton | process | Politics | Voting Process | Electoral College System
June 6, 2016 by Process Excellence Network
Process Excellence Network
This survey tries to unveil the maturity of organizations in achieving a customer-obsessed operating model. What are the major drivers of change and what role does IT play? Take this survey to find out how 'mature' your organization is.
Tags: Customer Operations | Operational Excellence | Survey | Customer-Obsessed
May 16, 2016 by Martina Simon
Martina Simon
With a potential Trump or Clinton administration pending in the USA, we take a closer look at how Kaizen can be applied to Obamacare...
Tags: Kaizen | Trump | Clinton Administration | obamacare
65 results
of 6