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Daniel Senter
I recently was reminded of great advice offered over 70 years ago, but still relevant today:"To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long. This wastes time, while energy has to be spent in looking for the essential points."Any idea where it’s from? You can read the original memo here.The memo was issued Read more
April 12, 2016 by Daniel Senter
Dan Morris
Reestablishing BPM and Six Sigma – the ideas that started it allDo you remember W. Edwards Deming?  Do you remember Michael Hammer?BPM has been around for the past 20 years and it has evolved considerably.  The same is true for the basic concepts of statistical analysis based continuous improvement.  But has this evolution been good?  Maybe it is Read more
April 12, 2016 by Dan Morris
Jeff Cole
Beer can teach us something about successful process change because beer is actually a great metaphor for corporate cultures. Here's why.
March 29, 2016 by Jeff Cole
Jeff Cole
We all use influence skills daily, ranging from steering your friends toward seeing a certain movie, to getting your kids to eat their broccoli, to persuading that guy down the hall who doesn’t report to you to start using your new process. Columnist Jeff Cole explores tactics you can use to gain influence within your organization.
Tags: process | people | change | Change Management | influence
February 10, 2016 by Jeff Cole